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We are experts at online and offline engagements, using technology to scale greater numbers of participants across geographic boundaries, and deepen engagement from those who participate. Our clients share an interest in how social technologies can transform the speed and quality by which they create new outcomes. They are appropriately intrigued by trends in enterprise social media, big data, distributed work, and innovation competitions, but not necessarily sure how to approach them independently or in concert.

Our work is to design innovation systems at the intersection of people and technology. We guide the process by establishing shared purpose and building cultures of trust across organizational levels, silos, and specializations.

Explore examples of our collaborative system design below.


Back Office Collaborative

A consortium of North American credit unions banded together to share resources and best practices. We were approached to help the BOC understand the digital competencies that would be needed for the banking workforce of the future, and establish a baseline dataset to understand how prepared their current workforce was. We designed an online survey that was completed by 1,459 employees. Analysis led to the identification of scores across each digital competency, as well as indicators for each individual member how they compared to the mean.

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Data Leadership Summit

Instead of creating yet another “one-to-many” style big data conference, the Solvable team designed a C-level Summit where regional leaders could learn from peers in small and large group dialogue. Through an invite-only event sponsored by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, we hand-selected regional leaders from across industries to develop strategies for how to harness greater value from their organizations’ data.

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BCREA Journey of Discovery

Together with Charles Holmes and Monique Morden, we led a year-long research and engagement process with the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) called the Journey of Discovery. Through secondary research, primary research, engagement events, a Facebook campaign, and executive presentations, we helped set a new strategic course for BC organized real estate over the next five years.

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REBGV Data Discovery

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) sought to understand how they could better leverage their data and aggregate data with others to create additional value for REALTORS®. We led a six-month research process of internal and external interviews that culminated in a narrative review shared with the senior executive and the Board of Directors.



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